Surveying in Berks County, PA

surveyingLand surveying is integral for every development. Before you can move the earth, pour a foundation or cultivate a landscape, you need to have all of the pertinent data about your land in-hand. Stackhouse Bensinger Inc. provides all of the information you need through a robust scope of surveying capabilities. For decades, we’ve been the land surveyor in Berks County, PA developers trust.

Whether you need surveying for construction, preservation, legal applications or general land planning, count on us to deliver it! We have immense experience across all facets of land surveying and can provide you with prompt, precise survey information that helps inform your land development decisions moving forward.

FEMA Flood Plains

Our firm also has experience with FEMA Flood Elevation Certifications. We’re frequently involved in qualifying and revising properties within published Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and removing client properties or buildings from the regulated 100-yr floodplain or floodway.

Our Surveying Capabilities

No matter what type of land survey in Berks County, PA you require, our talented team is ready to deliver it. We have experience surveying all types of land—both developed and undeveloped—and can provide engineering insights alongside survey information to uniquely qualify it against the backdrop of your project. Our surveying abilities include all of the following:

Get Surveying Insights

Whether you just need a simple boundary survey or a comprehensive topographical survey for a huge plot of land, Stackhouse Bensinger Inc. is ready to deliver it. Contact us today at 610-777-8000 to learn more about our land surveying capabilities and how they may apply to your project.

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