businessStackhouse Bensinger Inc. is a single-source consulting firm, capable of providing a wide range of professional services to clients, including civil engineering, traffic engineering, land surveying, land planning and landscape architectural services. We work together with contractors, architects and municipal authorities, as well as individual homeowners and businesses in all aspects of land development in Berks County, PA.

Our staff offers excellent experience across the spectrum of development projects. We’re able to tailor each of our services around the unique specifications of your undertaking, spanning all major sectors of development, including:

  • Commercial
  • Institutional and municipal
  • Educational
  • Residential

Whether it’s a new home, educational facility, commercial retail space or municipal public works development, count on our firm to assist you in bringing it to fruition.

Civil Engineering

Our engineers have decades of experience delivering civil engineering services to Berks County, PA. clients. We’re also regularly involved in preparing supporting engineering studies, drawings and applications required by FEMA, in order to revise the published Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and remove client properties or buildings from the regulated 100-yr floodplain or floodway.

Land Surveying

Our land surveying abilities encompass just about every type of surveying to deliver crucial data for myriad applications. From construction stakeouts to title research, topographical surveying to GIS surveys, we do it all to give you the true lay of the land. Our diverse range of partners spans from construction firms to legal entities, and we’re always intent on delivering excellence through our many surveying capabilities.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture has the ability to transform your property into a work of art, increasing it curb appeal and bolstering its design aesthetics. More than that, it can also have a deeply beneficial impact on the environment, such as restoring wetlands or mitigating erosion. We marry concepts of beauty and function into every landscape we design, to provide you with results that are breathtaking and sustainable.

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