Landscape Architect in Berks County, PA

Designing a landscape that’s beautiful, sustainable and that contributes to the value of the property it exemplifies is no small feat. It takes tremendous foresight for land planning in Berks County, PA, as well as an eye for design aesthetics and integrated concepts.

At Stackhouse Bensinger Inc., we put our experience as landscape architects to work for our clients in a way that results in beautiful, exemplary property designs. From beautiful commons, to commercial property landscapes, to erosion control designs and more, our abilities conform to the demands of the landscape in question. In a nutshell, we create balance and harmony between natural and built environments.

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Understanding Your Landscape Demands

The first step in any landscape design project is a thorough consultation with a landscape architect in Berks County, PA. In meeting with our team, we’ll make sure the demands and specifications of your project are fully laid out, as well as concerns and restrictions. By understanding your end goal, we can help you achieve it through the landscape design process.

Concept Planning

Once we understand the needs of your project, we can begin mapping concepts. This can include determining the features of your landscape or the specifications of how it will be shaped. For example, this may include planning a green roof for your LEED development, or a rainwater collection system for your residential home. We incorporate the concepts that make the most sense within your landscape design project.

Landscape Design

Once we have a concept that meets the needs, wants, restrictions and expectations of your landscape, we get to work designing it. Using CAD renderings and sketches, we bring your landscape design to life in a tangible way, so you can see exactly what the finished project will look like. From there, we can also provide construction drawings and other pertinent details needed to get the project underway.

Bring Your Landscape to Life

Turn your landscape into an asset for your development—whether new or existing—and enjoy the multitude of benefits that come from a professionally designed landscape. Contact Stackhouse Bensinger Inc. today to begin the planning and design process. Reach us at 610-777-8000.

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